Petty Gods (XPG-1) Update / WORMWOOD

The bad news first: The first PG booklet will not be ready till Sept/Nov. I'm still waiting for some key pieces of art (and hopefully writing) that will make this Petty Gods volume complete.

If you've still got a PG assignment in the works, put the final polish on that bad boy!

* * *

The good news is that I get to collaborate with Gavin Norman of The City of Iron blog. We're working on an iconic Monster-Haunted Forest Wilderness Adventure/Hexcrawl/Saturday Night Special/Drag n' Drop Into Your Home Campaign micro-setting called Wormwood. The format is decidedly Carcosa-esque in terms of structure, with much of the book devoted to (approx.) 200 hex descriptions. The rest will be comprised of
  • New monsters and monster types (goat-men, magically anthropomorphosed animals [many of them psychotic], IOUN-wielding snails of unusual size)
  • New magical forces and objects (ley lines, summer stones, plinths)
  • New spells (Gavin excels here!)
  • New (petty) gods -- Atanuwe the Nag-Lord, Big Chook, and others
  • Several dungeons
  • Several monster lairs
Here's a sneak preview of the map. It's not the final version -- note the lack of roadways and trails. That swamp texture owes its existence to Rob Conley btw.


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  2. if you need an text filler or a d100 table...
    konsumterra@gmail.com - sorry removed typo - the captcha had word owlbull which i wanna stat up now

    1. Konsumterra -- Is this offer for material for PG or Wormwood?

      Owlbull sounds fantastic.

  3. If you need somebody to fill in for an artist that needs help picking up the slack, let me know.