Tastes Like Sheep's Wool: Lays Chicken and Waffles

I've actually never eaten mutton, and I find lamb to be somewhat disgusting though in a different way than Lays brand Chicken and Waffles potato chips. It's not so much the combination of these vaguely compatible flavors -- after all, chicken sausage and waffles make for a fine breakfast -- it's the accumulated aftertaste. I liken it to the taste-equivalent of the odor of unprocessed sheep's wool. That cloying, lanolin-drenched smell of fresh-sheared herd mammal. Why this is I have no idea. Possibly it's a case of two chemically similar flavones (flavonoids? I may be making this stuff up...)

In any case, offer these to players you don't intend on having back to your table.


  1. Well the flavors are made in New Jersey.

    **Would you like to know more?**

    [For some reason, no one ever does.]

  2. Wow, hadn't heard of these chips. I assure you that actual fried chicken and waffles is a delightful breakfast, I actually just had some yesterday. The existence of these chips makes me sad.

  3. These were my most disappointing potato chip purchase ever. Fortunately there are Flamin' Hot Limón Cheetos to remove that taste from one's mouth.

  4. Hey, Liver and Onion are popular in England,so who is to say. Chips that is.

    The worst I've ever had are the Heinx Ketchup flavored ones - uggh - like torture.

  5. I actually like them—as long as I only eat two or three. The first couple taste like chicken and waffles; more than that and the aftertaste kicks in, which is something else.

    It’s Cthulhu flavor.

  6. Wow! Sounds delightful. Not.

  7. Chicken and waffle potato chips are like a paint-by-number copy of the Mona Lisa.

    I live in the South, C&W is a holy sacrament.