cereal:geek, a zine dedicated to 80s animation

So I haven't yet ordered any issues, but I am sorely tempted to check out this cereal:geek thing. If it's the animation equivalent/approximation of Back Issue magazine, I am sold. Anyone seen/read any of these yet?


  1. I'm going to recommend it highly - But then I would say that as I'm the editor/publisher of this little independent 100 page glossy venture! :)

    If you're going to pick up an issue I'd recommend starting with issue four - It was the first issue of the magazine which found its "groove"...so to speak... - http://www.cerealgeek.com/issue_04.html

    Also, (a little trivia tidbit) I'm the guy that scanned and restored that Whispering Woods dimensional gate background that appears in your banner (it originally appeared on my He-Man and She-Ra Blog as a "Christmas present" to visitors) - http://bustatoons.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/merry-christmas-heres-gift.html

    1. Welcome, James! Yeah, I snagged the image from your blog. I really enjoy the surreal backgrounds (and characters) from the MotU/She-Ra universe. I will definitely have to grab issue #4 and a couple others that caught my eye. Brilliant covers! Esp love the Transformers/Fantastic Four #1 tribute.