Chemru, the Malevolent Dancer

Some gods are

  • articulate masters of disguise, given to divine pontification; powers or bit-players in the struggle between Law and Chaos [deities]
  • take on primal aspects combining nature-imago from our reality and those of another, unfamiliar zone perhaps adjacent to it; often nurtured with blood sacrifice [eidolons]
  • cannot be beheld by mortals or even gods without consequences [gorgoliants]
* * *

In the town of Slar found near the desert that has no ending they fear the arrival of the dancer called Chemru. It is said those who witness the god are compelled to dance like him forever, even as their flesh falls from their bones and long after only their threadbare ghosts remain. In this way Chemru will slowly bring destruction to the world as he capers through it, whirling and screaming and exulting in the darkness. To see his dance is to become a part of it, so the people of Slar must go blindfolded and must learn to walk through life as blind folk do. For Chemru and his company of mad ghosts dance across these lands, leaving empty towns in their wake, following the path to Eskaton. 

Chemru, gorgoliant of the Dance, cannot be seen by any PC/NPC without eliciting a save vs dragon breath every round that they look upon him. He is immune to all magics, and thus the very object of horror for all practitioners of the magical arts. Anticipating his arrival, many folk choose to flee rather than blind themselves. Often as not, warning comes to a town too late. 

Chemru is merciless and egalitarian, a destroyer of evil as well as good, hating all things equally, eternally.

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