Old School: The Clone Wars

D&D and Clone(ish) Rulesets I currently possess:

  • OD&D
  • Empire of the Petal Throne
  • Holmes Blue Book D&D
  • Moldvay D&D
  • Mentzer/BECMI D&D
  • AD&D 1st
  • AD&D 2nd

  • Labyrinth Lord AEC
  • Sword & Wizardry Whitebox
  • 3d6 In Order
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess RPG
  • Adventurer Conqueror King System
  • Blueholme Prentice Set
  • Hackmaster Basic
  • Crypts & Things
  • Dark Dungeons
  • Renegade ~ Corruption
  • Delving Deeper
  • Creatures & Caverns
  • Mazes & Perils

Currently I have no regular gaming group, but I am itching to run several of the systems above: (1) ACKS because of its broad, career-based focus on level progression and the endgame. (2) DCC because it seems to offer a distinctly pulpy playing experience, what with the magical Patrons and robust spell system. (3) LotFP because it cleaves closely to the clear/organized clone-standard set by Labyrinth Lord while streamlining rules I've never been all that fond of but still felt were necessary (encumbrance!) Also the gun rules are quite concise and straight-forward, and as a whole the system seems open to little modifications, which are sometimes my bread and butter. 

The design and presentation for all three of these products is top-notch. That in itself may not be the only factor that puts them at the top of my stack, but it's damn important.

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  1. Recently started an ACKS campaign and I am very pleased with it. Our feeling is that its like playing AD&DII but with a lot of the issues ironed out. As a comparison, we were pretty invested in a Labyrinth Lord (AEC) game and found it much less to our liking.