[Rant] Decline of the Superhero Movie

Just watched Kick-Ass 2 and was thoroughly unimpressed. The fighty/actiony bits were fine in their way I guess, but there was only the weakest of Disney Channel scripts to hang them on. The first film, at least, held a few surprises.

And as much as I despise the idea of putting a Bat-suit on Affleck, I doubt he could do a worse job than Christian Bale. But to blame Bale for those films' shortcomings is unfair. I couldn't even finish the last one. All that ersatz gravitas and pseudo-drama amounted to a massive fucking bore. I suppose if I want to watch a decent Bat-film I'll turn to DC's animated Bat-features which -- in terms of storytelling and performance -- at least offer something for the viewer to think about and immerse himself in.* 

I'm a certifiable comic book nerd, and I can't wait for this glut of flashy, insubstantial superhero flicks to just DIE. Stick a fork in that beaten-to-death horse. It's like a nightmare where every new superhero "blockbuster" turns out to be a re-screening of BATMAN FOREVER. 

*If you have no idea what I'm talking about, try the animated version of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One.


  1. C'mon now, for every Dark Knight there's going to be a DK Rises. Every Iron Man had a Green Lanter. A few turkeys shouldn't spoil the genre. Speakin of IM, I notice you don't mention the Marvel movies.I enjoy those far more, myself. I'm a dyed in wool comic geek too, and while the first Kickass was fun the sequel looked like a mess. But I'll still be lining up for Thor come November!

  2. I did not believe that Thor would translate to the screen. I was mistaken. I think the Avengers was, really, probably tied with The Incredibles for best superhero movie (although, has anyone seen MegaMind? It's a comedy, but it hits every comic book high note). I, too, will be lining up for Thor II.

  3. "Decline" suggests there were some good (or better) ones at some point. What do recommend as some of the better SH movies?

    1. I enjoyed the first Iron Man flick, if only because RDJ was perfect casting as Tony Stark. Batman (1989) was great... I'm having a difficult time coming up with others :(

    2. I remember liking the original Superman and also Unbreakable. I haven't seen Iron Man - I'll try to check it out.

  4. Superhero movies all blow because they want to impress the audience with edgy takes on origins and villains more than substance. I hated the Bale Batman crap. "Oh my parents are dead and I;m rich as shit an lonely. Boo Hoo Hoo. I need to find my self in opium dens and double anal prison showers." Fuck off you wanker

    The genre itself is in a pretty anemic place comics wise. I hold out hope for Dr. Strange.

    When are they going to do a DMZ movie or series.

    Or Transmetropolitan?

  5. I watched First Class and Watchmen recently. I thought both were done quite well.