Some Positive OSR Developments

Just a couple things I noted last night/today:

  • BRW Games, publisher of the Adventures Dark and Deep RPG, will be taking over publishing of Joseph Bloch's Greyhawkian megadungeon The Castle of the Mad Archmage which was originally in the hands of Black Blade Publishing. BRW's press release states that the Castle will be available in pdf, softcover and hardback in early 2014. Among the changes mentioned will be the appearance of a more complete megadungeon (oh, this thing will be monstrous!) All the crunchy bits will be converted to the Adventures Dark and Deep system -- which I hope is not that far off from the other clones. Additionally, the Castle will be fitted to BRW's upcoming house-setting called Fallen Eria. This last move I'm kinda iffy on -- perhaps the final product will be relatively campaign setting agnostic. BRW claims that it won't require much tailoring to work in the setting of your choice.
  • After some health setbacks, the Brave Halfling is back up and running! John Adams has a lot of great ideas, and I'm happy to read that he's doing well again. It's amazing how these self-publishing ventures can explode into a fully fledged business. I'm not sure if that's a good thing yet!
This is probably old news for a lot of you. As ever, I am out of the loop :)

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