Clark Ashton Smith gets the Penguin Classics treatment (finally!)

Coming out next March. 368 pages! Click the cover below (featuring CAS art, no less) to go to the Amazon pre-order page. Not sure about which stories (aside from the classic in the title) will be included just yet. Thasaidon will be most pleased.


  1. Oh! Good news!
    Thanks for raising the flag on it so I can set aside my pocket change.

  2. I already own the Nightshade set.

    But... art by Smith...

    Must have!

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  4. This is great! Rumors have been swirling about this for a long time, so I am glad to see it's finally happening.

    That cover art is wonderful.

  5. Nice! I'll have to pick this one up as soon as it is out.

  6. I went to S. T.'s pad last night and picked up a copy of ye book, not being able to wait for my pre-ordered copy from Amazon (I want two copies anyway). It is sublime! Penguin asked S. T. to write an in-depth Introduction, and it is excellent. The Notes at ye back of the book are fascinating and include passages of correspondence by H. P. Lovecraft and CAS. The colour cover looks wonderful in ye flesh! I'm hoping that this edition will bring Smith's work to a new world-wide audience, and that it sells so well that Penguin will be inspir'd to publish a second volume!

    1. That's great, Wilum! I'm really looking forward to it. Let's hope they can do a whole series.