Dragon Kings Kickstarter

Viddy this.

Yeah, it's a Kickstarter by Timothy Brian Brown, co-creator of TSR's Dark Sun setting. In a vein similar to Monte Cook's re-fab/serial#scrape-away for Planescape called Numenera, Brown is giving Dark Sun the Renaissance treatment. Additionally there's a musical component -- a concept album that acts as a sort of "tour" of the world of Khitus. There's also a nice coffee table book that illuminates the album and expands on its relationship to the Dragon Kings setting.

Now there are tons of options for potential pledgers, as Erik Tenkar mentioned here. So many options that at first glance a reader may be overwhelmed. But after studying the KS page for a bit I opted to go with the $80 "Champion Gamer of Khitus" reward package:
CHAMPION GAMER OF KHITUS: The print and PDF versions of the Dragon Kings World Book, the print and PDF versions of the Gazetteer book, plus the print and PDF versions of the Exclusive Poster Map, and the print version of the Exclusive Cover Poster, both the Pathfinder and Savage Worlds PDF rules supplements plus all unlocked Rules Supplement PDFs. Also includes free US shipping and any digital extras unlocked via the Kickstarter. 

Estimated delivery: Apr 2014
Add $40 USD to ship outside the US
Prog-rock is tangential to my music tastes, but I'm less into that side of Brown's project than I am the sweet books and the Gerald Brom and Thomas Denmark artwork. The above option seems to include all the really sweet bits I'm interested in. I'm not sure if it's in the cards, but it would be nice to see an OSR system book for Dragon Kings if the various stretch goals are met. I'm thinking Labyrinth Lord or Swords & Wizardry would be especially useful. Not sure what I'll do with the Pathfinder and Savage Worlds pdfs... Delete them and scan my computer for viruses? :)


  1. Tying music into the setting is a nice addition.

    By the way, you'd be missing out by not giving Savage Worlds a chance. It does pulp sword and sorcery and gonzo science-fantasy genre mash-ups better than anything else out there.

  2. Very good analysis. I think the music's going to be quite good, too. With Timothy and Mike Stone collaborating, I think it's sound really good. I'm a Queensryche fan from way back, and this has that "feel". Still, I hear you gamer-brother. Good choice.