Flustery at a Glance

Flustery was given as weregild to a bastard son of the Crustmarten clan, whose house was destroyed in the laughable Battle of Fatbeards to the advantage of the Red Princes. It is a neglected and half-wild territory visited by merchants during the warm seasons only, when its roads and trails are for the most part passable. By bestowing this "gift" unto Grogwalter Crustmarten the Younger, the Princes elevated him to the status of Baron under certain terms. In brief, they required that all of Grogwalter's sons be bastards born and that the least gifted of these should become his successor. Grogwalter's legitimate sons were smothered at birth. His daughters were wed to craftsmen, became midwives or joined popular cults. This bastardly tradition has persisted into modern times, with each baron found to be more or less competent in the areas of commerce and governing. Of late the line has diminished in physical stature, but by slow increments the descendants of Grogwalter Crustmarten have achieved a degree of cunning. They all share a deep and abiding hatred for their princely patrons to the south. 

Adventurers and wandering treasure-seekers are drawn to Flustery by tales of the dark hole in Oldwell and the halls of riches found at its bottom. They know of the talk of shadowy things of legend said to watch over these treasure caches. Yet as self-professed realists and cynics, your general run of adventurer-types tend to disregard such stories as fanciful bunkum. A cottage industry of adventurer services has long profited from the steady influx of clientele. (For example, the Hirelings Union discussed in the previous post.) 

-Bastardshire [town]
Seat of the Realm, where reigns the Bastard-Lord, the Baron of Flustery, Vassal of the Red Princes.

-Bogtwaddle [hamlet]
Situated in the Lower Boglands region. Reputedly the townsfolk have carnal dealings with the tree-dwelling race of fabulously endowed aboriginal beast-men who stalk the bogways. Bogtwaddle's fish-eyed half-man degenerates are fond of stringed instruments and idle, aimless chatter. In recent years the hamlet has dwindled to less than thirty residents.
-Dimwick [village]
Situated near the north-eastern edge of the Lower Boglands. Its people are fanatic devotees to the Cult of the Yellow Redeemer, who is rumored to descend from the stars and cavort with his followers on moonless nights. They have no inns or taverns but are oath-bound under the will of their spiritual master to provide meals, shelter and gospel to any outsiders in need.  
-Oldwell [town, uninhabited]
Ghost town found in an ancient grove that has no recorded name. It is located near Flustery's northern border with Brackenwold. The walls of Oldwell are mostly rubble, and its buildings and streets are skeletal and weather-beaten. Few trees or plants grow there, and animals aside from crows and vultures shun the place. At the heart of the ruins is a courtyard of toppled statues and monoliths that encircle an ancient well. In folklore this well is associated with the legend of the town's evacuation. Various fictions attempt to explain the reasons behind the evacuation, but no history found in Bastardshire's famous Hall of Adequate Knowledge even mentions the event.   

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