[Kickstarter] Adventures of the East Mark

Everybody interested in 
OSR goings-on take note:

Our Spanish OSR cell made this really sweet retro-clone/setting called (accurately translated?) Adventures of the East Mark, and now some wise English-speaking cats are Kickstarting it into the English. AND IT COMES IN A RED BOX with booklets and fold-out maps and stuffies!

I don't know much about it aside from what I've gleaned from the KS, but the art (see link above) and maps are things of friggin beauty:


  1. I signed up at the $30 level which is a pretty good deal for a printed game even it is the B&W version. It does make me nervous about their ability to deliver for that price, but according to the FAQ they are: "Well, the simple truth is that we are so passionate about this game and getting people to play it, we are not seeking profit from it. We just want to bring the game to the US. With $30 we are able to get a very good quality product, ship it with US and leave us with zero profit and that's OK; this is just the start, not a business-oriented KS."
    Although I appreciate their candor, I am not sure this is the best business strategy, However, I am rich enough to bet $30 on it.

  2. I am sorely tempted to go in for $30.