Project Status Report | Autumn 2013

I am in the midst of laying out UNDERWORLD LORE #2 and getting some great original illustrations for our "MAGICAL GRIME" issue, with material intended to fester in the cracks and cozies of your campaign world. If you'd like to contribute, how about providing an illustration for one of these Dungeon Poxes?

BTW Work on PETTY GODS is progressing. An established OSR creator and graphic artist is laying out a complete-as-possible Expanded PETTY GODS and doing a bang-up job at it. Just as a general reminder:

There is a TON of art assignments out there, floating dreamlessly in the Old School Aether. 
Will they find their way back to Gorgonmilk?

If you can get stuff to me soon, please do!

If you're interested in taking on an assignment, 
send a self-addressed, aetheric envelope to 



  1. Let me know if you need anything for UL #2

  2. I tried shooting you an email but it didn't work. I'd love to help out with any art stuff!