Underworld Lore Zine #1 -- DRAFT

So here's the first 14 pages or so (+cover) for the first issue of UNDERWORLD LORE in a rar archive.

I'm looking for submissions for the section entitled "Dungeon Fruits" -- if you'd like to submit some weird and edible fungi, post them in the comments below.


  1. The link is working, but when I try to extract the files I get a corrupted error message.

    1. I had no such problem, although I didn't check the cover yet.

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  2. (Corrected!)

    d12 Table of Underdark Fungi

    Ancient lore tells of sundry adventurers who survived their delves into the underdark by subsisting on various fungi foraged from beneath the depths. Why and how these spores spread and sprout is matter for further speculation; suffice to say that only mere whispers of these unusual edibles have been handed down through the ages. Descriptions of these fungi is scant and they are often compared to their more widely known above-ground cousins.

    1. Gardak's Brain
    Fist-sized mushroom with an irregular, brain-shaped cap, blood red in color. Fatal if eaten raw. Edible only after roasted over open flame for two minutes. Grants the ability to see in complete darkness for 1d4 days.

    2. Henry's Bleeding Tooth
    Colorless, bulbous fungus with large conical cap. When harvested, seeps a black, mild-smelling, vinegar-like liquid that dissolves tooth enamel upon contact. Must be swallowed whole or take 1d4 chewing damage.

    3. Giant's Dingleball
    Roughly the size of an orc's head and more or less round, sometimes larger and more blobish. Ranges from grey to dark brown in color. Grants giant's strength for 1d4 days, with 50% chance of Dungeon Funk.

    4. Demon's Pipeweed
    Pentagram-shaped fungus; considered rarest of underground delicacies. Dark green in color, harvested it fades to dull brown. Fatal if eaten raw. Must be sliced and dried for 1d4 days before consumption, at which point emits smoke and fumes as if aflame until eaten. Grants permanent +7 to CON in exchange for a permanent –1 to STR.

    5. Pig's Tail
    Stringy, purple fungus, found in small clumps. Often grows in Purple Pig fecal matter. Tastes like soured mead. Heightens hearing and provides +2 to find traps for 1d6 days.

    6. Yellow Firelight
    Small mushroom with distinctive, flame-like coloration. Poisonous except to elves. Allows eater to recover spells with half-rest for 1d4 days.

    7. Dwarf's Beard
    Distinctive, gray, beard-like stringy fungus. Grows up to five feet long. Poisonous to dwarves. Provides ability to detect magic for 1d4 days with temporary penalty of –6 INT.

    8. Owlbear Beak
    Small, phallus-shaped fungus with dark, curved tip. Found growing in moderately-fresh corpses. Not generally considered edible once tip turns dark. Spores grant non-clerics ability to turn lesser undead for 1d6 days.

    9. Glowstink
    Bright pink glowing mushrooms. Emits false magical aura and smells like rotting corpse. Eating more than 1d6 makes PC bioluminescent for 1d4 days.

    10. Flying Amanda
    Thin white stalk supports large maroon cap. Grows upside-down from cavern ceilings. Highly toxic to demi-humans. Grants ability to fly at will for 1d4 days with –7 DEX penalty.

    11. Garlic Funk
    Crusty yellow fungal balls. Roughly hand-sized, occurs in clusters of six or more. Smells and tastes like garlic. Grants ability to bodily repel vampires and attract ghouls for 1d30 days.

    12. Gnome Bread
    Breadloaf-like white fungal mass. Tastes like buttered sourdough bread. Grants +2 to Saves vs. Spells for 1d6 days.

  3. Blimey. Caps off to Mr Schmeer again. And stalk about fast.

    Eight more if there's still space:

    1. Earthenfur
    Brown shaggy mass. Chewy and mildewy. A single portion forms 1d6-1 hairballs, one brought up every 1d3 turns.

    2. Rainbow Yawn
    Garishly coloured with pronged caps. Woody. Breath becomes luminous, fading over 2d6 turns.

    3. Hot Poker
    A puce speckled rod. Extremely spicy. Forces a save to prevent an ongoing internal exothermic reaction, granting a permanent partial immunity to cold, with only half damage suffered.

    4. Copper Pox
    A field of delicate nodules. Tangy. Solidifies tissues, affecting one new body part per week, with a 50% chance each time of -1 DEX and AC improving by one point.

    5. Stiff's Sinew
    A braided mass, the finer strands of which can be woven into a tough rope. Bitter. Consumed regularly for 1d3 months or more will fuse with a central nervous system and reinforce muscle, granting +1 STR but forcing a save vs. -1 CON.

    6. Hard Luck
    Iridescent fractal pyramids, often mistaken for crystals. If consumed, require a save vs. overwhelming visions of underlying reality forcing a reroll of every success for the next 1d3 days; if the period is survived, +1d3-1 WIS.

    7. Purple Retch
    Fine fuschia sheets. Slightly sweet frosting. Colonises and colours the digestive tract, with a 50% chance of neutralising any fungus later ingested and forcing a save to avoid immediate and violent expulsion.

    8. Draconite
    Soaring caps growing on draconic faecal matter, often faintly colour-matched. Largely flavourless. For 1d3 months modifies all dragon reaction rolls negatively by one point.