Ye Charter of Ye Hirelings Union

Breakdown of Rights Under Employ
1. Allowment of one half-hour break per day, four hours of sleep per night
2. Payment of two meals per day
3. Payment of three gold pieces per month
4. Payment of one pint of booze or strong drink per month
5. Allowment of two holidays per calendar year 

Maximum Term of Employ: Six years (negotiable)

Consequences of Mistreatment
1. Placement on Union blacklist (Published quarterly in urban areas)
2. In severe cases: imprisonment or execution

Headquarters: The Crow and Cockerel Publick House, Bastardshire, Realm of Flustery

Elected Chairman: Dougal Greybeard

Emblem/Symbologia: The Black Dog Rampant, sometimes depicted smoking a long pipe and carrying a bludgeon

Membership in the Union is not optional for professional or part-time bravos. Any individual discovered practicing the art of paid-henchmannery will be imprisoned for a term not less than three years, after which he or she will have the option to enter the Union or win his or her freedom at the dice table against the reigning dice-mistress. Failure at this juncture results in an indentured term of three years spent cleaning latrines and scrubbing soiled laundry at the Crow and Cockerel. Upon the satisfaction of this term all serviles shall be considered free persons.

Areas of Competency
1. Loyalty to the Union
2. The henchman-client relationship
3. Proper wood-gathering
4. Satisfactory personal appearance
5. Acceptable levels of bravery
6. Practical usage of bludgeons
7. Crossbowmanship
8. Horse- and mule-riding
9. Torch-lighting and -carrying
10. Maintenance of equipment
11. Watch-keeping


  1. Are these the rules your hirelings run under in your game?

    1. Haven't implemented them yet. My players are chronic henchman abusers, so I thought this would be a good way to create consequences for stuff like that.