OSR Goings-On | Gorgonmilk played FATE

It's a mere few weeks till Xmas & the OSR loot bag keeps looking more and more copious, dungeoneers.
  • In January 2014 the other GG, Greg Gillespie of Discourse And Dragons, will begin the crowdfunding for BARROWMAZE COMPLETE, containing both BARROWMAZE I and II and extra stuff besides. I'm a huge fan of Greg's megadungeon complex, with its "loot the burial grounds" incentive and its crusty assortment of undead types, its evil cultists and its weird-in-the-old-S&S-sense story-background. It appears that there are also going to be some miniatures -- the Official Barrowmaze Monsters -- to be produced through Otherworld.
  • Zenopus Archives got his archivy hands on John Eric Holmes' Dungeons & Dragons manuscript!
  • I'm planning on an Xmas release date for the in-dev UNDERWORLD LORE #3: Hyborian Issue, so if you want in as a contributor check out the community-generated article HERE. Totally unauthorized and completely unapologetic, UL#3 offers a bevy of fresh ideas, monsters, gods, and -- of course -- lore related to Conan's epoch. Original cover art by Joseph Cole.
  • Remember Hyborian Wars? That play-by-mail game where players represented different Hyborian nations? Well it's still going on, and you can find a lot of useful stuff on the game's website -- including regional maps for each of the thirty-six Hyborian Age states! Some radical ref rar'd those PNGs and you can download them HERE (6.5 MB). With a little elbow-grease these could make very gameable reference maps for the D&D.
  • So I played FATE for the first time last weekend. By the end of the session I had begun to understand the game's possibilities. It will never replace class-and-level, XP-based adventure games in my heart, but I get the sense that FATE will be able to offer its own unique forms of fun. There was a lot of opposed dice rolling with results modified by the referee according to the rules, the situation and his whimsy. While this simple core mechanic is easy to grock and has endless application, I can't help wanting there to be MORE there in terms of mechanics. But maybe that's just my inner Gygax.
  • What is this thing in the pic below called? Knew once, then forgot.


  1. That, my friend, is a raven. Sitting on the post of a hanging cage. If the cage was form-fitting to the prisoner, it would be a gibbet.

  2. I hate the Fate system because there is no advancement. You simply swap stats around. The last game I played I had a character who an ace pilot and became an ace computer programmer, but when he went back to pilot something he might as well have been unskilled. Makes no sense! It's an inexplicable system that I have never heard a worthy justification for, and I find it thoroughly disagreeable and frustrating to play with.

    1. Someone far more experienced with the system should probably weigh in, but fate actually does have true advancement. It breaks up your characters career into a series of minor, significant, and major milestones, and as each of these are attained you can swap stats and (with the Significant and Major milestones) advance. Advancement is definitely more limited in Fate, but that was also true of Fudge, its due to the greater significance that advancing a skill or ability score has with the Fudge Dice mechanic.