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D20 THIEVES OF FORTRESS BADABASKOR FOR A BUCK. Literally. $1. And Stephen Colbert has a bit in it?

FROM THE ZONES is a new community project for Sci Fi campaigns using the FATE system. Its based on the cult Russian SF film STALKER and that film's inspiration, the novel ROADSIDE PICNIC. Essentially your character would be entering any one of a number of very odd zones governed by strange natural laws in order to steal alien artifacts -- a situation that roughly parallels the central occupation of the dungeoneer. Intriguing! (I don't know enough about FATE yet to contribute, but I'm going to try out a game this Saturday.)

BUNDLE OF HOLDING is the RPG PDF equivalent of a bacon shop -- flaunting its delicious gamey bacon in all of our faces as we prepare to throw our money!

Adventurer! The Bundle of Holding features time-limited offers of ebook collections for fans of tabletop roleplaying games. Each bundle offers a treasure hoard of top-quality DRM-free PDF roleplaying games and supplements, or of ebook novels by great RPG designers, at a price you set yourself.


  1. Thanks for the plug on From the Zones! We are actually poly-system: people can contribute for any system they like or no system at all! We hope you enjoy trying out Fate next weekend though!

  2. From the Zones reminded me of STALKER - The SciFi Roleplaying Game (the novel's name is Stalker instead of Roadside Picnic in Finland, or at least the version that I have.) http://www.rpgnow.com/product/100243/STALKER---The-SciFi-Roleplaying-Game

  3. Love to see a review or contribution based on that game. We don't own it but it is on our list.