The Hide-Behind

Here's an excellent vid on this creepy bit of American folklore. Enjoy, hunters!


  1. "This animal stands five feet and ten inches high and walks on its hind feet. It is of slender build and can easily hide behind a tree of medium size. Its body is completely covered with long hair so thick, that it is impossible to tell where the face is, if it has one, and it is a hopeless task to determine whether the animal is going or coming. It has a short forearm of great strength, with sharp, pointed talons able to pierce through heavy garments.

    Strange to relate, the meals of the hide-behind are composed of the bowels of human beings and the intestines of hell divers. After this vicious animal has partaken of a meal to his liking, he utters a demoniacal laugh. It disembowels its victim, bringing out the entrails, raising them to its head for the purpose of smelling them before eating. Should there be any scent of liquor in the entrails, the animal will throw them back into the face of the victim and with a horrible laugh, vanish into the forest."

    --Lake Shore Kearney's "The Hodag and Other Tales of the Logging Camps"