Origin of the "Reptilian Conspiracy" Meme?

If you've no idea what I'm referring to, try this "expose" from VICE:

The immediate precursor that comes to mind is the show "V" from the 80s that deals with alien visitors who appear human but are secretly reptilian monsters.

Is the ultimate origin found in Robert E. Howard's Kull story, "By This Axe I Rule!" in which a conspiracy perpetrated by pre-human serpent men is uncovered? Or are the roots further back?

EDIT: The name of the REH story I mention above is "The Shadow Kingdom" -- thanks to ______ for pointing this one out!


  1. The Wikipedia article on Reptilians (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reptilians) suggests that "a 1934 Los Angeles Times article may have been the origin of such beliefs."

    1. This links to an article with a map of a subterranean lizard man city(!)"


  2. The 1934 article might be the origin-point, if you discount the snake/reptile people in various mythologies, but the UFO-connected reptillian thing really took off thanks to Icke's books...and it is hard to separate a lot of his personal mythos from the V material. The fiction gives it a more accessible point of reference. The connection back to Howard's tale is a good one--very Wold Newton like. These creatures make excellent co-conspirators operating behind the scenes in some sort of Fortean secret history. Tons of great gaming inspiration in there...

  3. Apart from V, a bunch of '80s cartoons also used the serpent men theme as their big bad. GI Joe with Cobra/Cobra-la/Serpentor. Conan the Adventurer focused on Wrath-Amon and serpent men as the nemesis (but it's tangentially Howard based, so it makes sense). He-Man was supposed to fight snakemen and that came into fruition with the remake in the early 2000s.

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