Underworld #3 | Hyborian Issue Contents

(as of 12/3/13)
  • Hyborian Esoterica by Various Hands -- A glossography of thirty odd factoids and details pertaining to the Hyborian Age and Conan's time in particular
  • James Mishler's PETTY GOD entry for Crom with illustration by Paul Gallagher
  • The Bikini Armor Proficiency -- Rules for completely adequate types of armor by the Ggmlk
  • The Vor-Mammut -- A monsterlore article by Arnold K. Serpentspittle, Esq. with illustration by cover artist Joseph Cole
  • Brief catalog of Other Hyborian Monsters
  • What the Six Stygian Sorcerers did to the Townies (d14 Zocchi table of dooms) dedicated to Geoff McKinney
  • The Oracular Custard (letters to the editor/news/cartoons)

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