Underworld Lore | Magically Altered Elements

eg. Solid water
Not ice -- not necessarily cold at all and capable of being boiling hot without visibly boiling. It is exceedingly slippery and difficult to walk across without stumbling and sliding helplessly across its surface. Can prove to be terribly effective when used in the construction of funnel-traps. Will shatter metals. Vulnerable to psionic attack -- enough psychic energy will cause it to fragment and dissolve into a smoky mist. Northern barbarians collect it from lakes found beneath dragon's caves and use it during ritual performances.

What have you heard of?


  1. Freezefire.

    Exists at the ambient temperature of it's surroundings - it's not "frozen cold", it's frozen in motion. It is incredibly sharp in all directions at once, and any creature landing in a freezefire will have to save vs Death or be killed, a successful save still means 6d6 damage, and good luck getting off without getting killed or maimed - a save is required each round you are in the freezefire and are attempting to extricate yourself. Allies can take a full turn to safely lift you out.

    The ritual to create freezefire is used in the production of vorpal swords - the blade is dunked in rare oils, set aflame, and the ritual is performed.

  2. Ribbon Razor

    Solid metal that behaves like cloth. The magical process to create ribbon razors only produces a ribbon shape, long flat strands. It can be sharpened and cut, but other attempts to work it with heat will destroy its cloth like properties. The Blue Phoenix Guard of Ustria hold the secret formula to Ribbon Razor and use it make cloaks and tunics that are as difficult to cut and pierce as plate mail. They also master the art of the razor whip sword, which claims half the lives of their trainees before it can be mastered.

  3. Liquid Light

    A liquid substance that can be kept in jars or other suitable containers, but that gives off light. It can be carried in clear glass containers to illuminate a small room or footpath, and can be poured out and allowed to evaporate to give faint illumination to larger spaces, such as caverns or cathedrals.

    Touching it will cause skin to glow for awhile. Drinking it means your tummy glows faintly. Easily used for marking trails and trailing marks.

    It comes from a very few sources, deep underground.

  4. Hermetic Ice.

    Produced, for obscure reasons, in small quantities by powerful alchemists and elementalists, crystals of hermetic ice are unrelentingly cold, bringing all surrounding matter inexorably towards freezing point. Matter around an exposed crystal will freeze at a rate of 10' (radius) per day. In this manner, an untended quantity of hermetic ice may eventually freeze large areas of land and, theoretically, an entire planet may eventually be engulfed in ice.

    The freezing power of hermetic ice is only blocked by a vacuum or forcefield. Crystals are thus usually found inside some kind of magical containment field.

  5. Earthy Air

    A mad lich constructed his mountainside dungeon using dirt and mud that he had altered to be as insubstantial as air, yet it still appears to be dirt and responds to gravity. Nobody knows how he managed to mold the stuff into walls and floors, but many would be plunderers and thieves have disappeared in the halls of his lair, either by stepping onto floors that don't hold them and disappearing into an earth-filled but empty chasm, or by getting lost in his maze of corridors and rooms, some of which were constructed with the diabolical stuff.