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Re: Hyborian Facts 
If there is no more material out there to be contributed to our weird Hyborian factoids article, then I am closing that project on Sunday, December 15. This will appear in the next issue, of course, which is dedicated to gaming in the Hyborian Age.

Art by Jeff Jones

An Index of Hyborian Gods
I don't think it's possible (or desirable) to create a complete list of Hyborian deities. Speaking on this subject, it seems to me that every fantasy milieu necessarily has two lists of gods:

  • A Cultural List of gods: Those deities who are worshiped by the various nations and groups that populate the setting; possibly including the gods of dead religions.
  • A Referee's List of actual gods: Gods and god-like beings who really exist as active forces in the campaign, either in proximity to the player characters or remote from them. Their existence can be verified by their ability to bestow spells and orisons upon their servants and devotees.

We will supply the first type of list in the Hyborian Issue with brief descriptions of their idols, worship and central tenets.

Here's what I have so far for the Cultural List:

  1. Anu (cult of Shem, Iranistan)
  2. Asura (cult of Vendhya)
  3. Atronis (cult of Corinthia)
  4. Barach (cult of Barachan Isles)
  5. Bel (cult of the Hyborian nations*)
  6. Bori (tribes of Vanaheim, Asgard, Cimmeria)
  7. Crom (tribes of Cimmeria)
  8. Damballah (cult of Kush, Zarkheba, Black Kingdoms)
  9. Dagon (cult of Zingara, Argos, Near Shem)
  10. Derketo (cult of Khoraja)
  11. Devi (cult of Vendhya)
  12. Erlik (cult of Turan)
  13. Hanuman (cult of Vendhya)
  14. Hastur (cult of Corinthia, Koth)
  15. Ishtar (cult of all Hyboria and beyond)
  16. Jhebbal Sag (cult of Pictland)
  17. Kali (cult of Vendhya)
  18. Lir (tribes of Cimmeria)
  19. Mitra (cult of Hyborian nations*)
  20. Nergal (tribes of the desert-nations south of Turan)
  21. Nug and Yeb (cult of Shem, Koth)
  22. Set (cult of Stygia, Shem, desert-lands)
  23. Shub (cult of Corinthia, Brythunia, Hyperborea)
  24. Solar Goddess (cult of the Border Kingdom)
  25. Tammuz (cult of Shem, Ophir, Zamora)
  26. Thoth (cult of Stygia, Shem, Argos)
  27. Tsathoggua (cult of Hyperborea)
  28. Yama (cult of Vendhya)
  29. Ymir (tribes of Vanaheim, Asgard)
  30. Yog (cult of Zamora, Khauran)
  31. Yun (cult and tribes of Khitai)
  32. Zath (cult of Zamora) alter. Xath
Have I missed some that you think should be on this list?


  1. Jhebbal Sag, from Beyond the Black River.

  2. The tune sounds very Drexciya/Underground Resistance.

  3. Conan mentions Babd, Morrigan, Macha, and Nemain in "The Phoenix on the Sword." So those Irish deities are definitely canonical...

    1. I seem to recall "Morrigan and Macha!" being one of Conan's favorite swears in various "The Savage Sword of Conan," stories. :)

  4. Check Xoth.net: