Dolmenwood | Cover Take 3

The image used above -- a work called "The Tomb of Boecklin" by German painter Ferdinand Keller -- has a lot of vivid texture. The clouds of froth moving down the slow-moving river seem slick and palpable. Other details are vague or borderline impressionistic. This juxtaposition gives the piece a dream-like feel.

I've tried to compliment that mood with the title by way of a classic archaic/medieval-looking font [called Tarantis, no less] in smooth apple-hued stone.

The embellishment on the bottom is intentionally dark and understated.


  1. Awww, I really liked the triangle.

    My wife says every time she sees the Dolmenwood cover on my screen she thinks of a forest filled with dolma.

  2. I was flirting with *bedazzlement* there maybe?

    I do want to use some smaller triangle motifs inside the book.

  3. I love the cover; I like the title font & color. I don't like the placement of the latter on the former; very rigid and centered. The embellishment is also very stylized and formal, which clashes with the naturalistic painting. The lighter color makes author info pop out more than the title; have you tried reversing the color schemes?