Ggmlk hates on the Papyrus Font

Maybe this is a "me" thing and not a "y'all" thing. Certain fonts make for difficult reading, whilst other fonts are tacky -- perhaps through over-use*, perhaps because they are just naturally ugly (see Comic Sans).

Papyrus combines both of these aspects -- poor readability + overused oogliness -- into one godawful package.

I will back away from a product that uses this font for its body text AND NEVER LOOK BACK. I will never purchase it. I will never allow it near my other books BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT THEM.

That is all.

*This may not apply to certain fonts that preserve an utterly generic "look" (eg. Times New Roman).


  1. I'm with ya, man. Ask any of the graphic design students that have passed through my classes my 2 most hated fonts. Papyrus is #1 and Comic Sans is #2. I pass on products for the same reason.

  2. I think I've used papyrus as a font for a player handout, but it's a goddawful choice for a body font.

  3. Also, the "Captcha" things are getting stupid. It takes more time to type them than it does to write a response. They're a disincentive to respond to a post.

    1. I'm with you, man. When I get weird spam-bot stuff on this blog it's a simple enough procedure to delete it. There's really no need for inflicting Captcha eyestrain on readers.

  4. Hmm. I've always preferred Papyrus font for hand outs and such, as an archaic type of writing, giving the impression that the Characters have found an ancient text.

    I wouldn't want it as body font though.

  5. When it's bold and ALL CAPS, Papyrus is neither ugly nor hard to read, in my opinion. I use it for my Jorune stuff. See here:

    Not for body text, though. That would be mad.

  6. EW NO. Who in Hades is using Papyrus for body copy? Do they hate their readers? Title font ONLY. And that's a big maybe to begin with.

  7. I used to use comic sans as a terminal font. Dunno why but it just seemed 'crisp' somehow. but then again this was before the glasses and I had the font size cranked up.