OSR Loot Bag | January 2014

All three of the projects I've backed in the last six months -- Dragon Kings, Islands of the Purple Putrescence, and World of Calidar -- have all managed to fund, so I'm greedily anticipating the goodies that will eventually (Crom willing) appear in my mailbox this year. This is an interesting phase in the Revolution of the Old School -- we now have several campaign settings and modules designed by ex-TSR staff persons beginning to materialize. Eldritch Ent. -- a joint enterprise that publishes new system-neutral fantasy RPG stuff by James Ward, Frank Mentzer, Tim Kask and Chris Clark -- is proving to be prolific and offers fourteen items over at RPGNow. That total is nothing to poo-poo in the dimly lit OSR world of basement publishing when you consider that LOTFP -- one of the most active/consistently productive small press outfits 'round these parts -- maintains about 28 different items at the same retailer.

Meanwhile it seems there are always great RPG books popping up out of nowhere. I try to stay on top of these things, but I'm consistently surprised by works that have been under my radar for weeks, months, or even years. Here's some things that I suggest you check out:

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  1. Dude. Thanks for the Basic Illusionist mention! :)