#Paperbackstack | Conan the Swordsman (Ace, 1978)

So opinions on the Howardian pastiche-work of Lin Carter and L. Sprague de Camp vary WIDELY with the emphasis being on the LOW end. This particular book -- which includes the work of Bjorn Nyberg, author of the much-maligned novella, "The Return of Conan" published in Conan the Avenger (Ace, 1968) -- isn't all that different from pastichery found in the original twelve-volume Lancer/Ace Conan series.

Be that as it may, the jewel within this book is not found in the stories at all but in the back: "Hyborian Names" is an appendix that glosses every invented name in the Conan stories of Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter, and Bjorn Nyberg up to that point in '78. Assembled by de Camp, each entry includes possible literary and historical sources -- some of which are probably way off the mark but intriguing in their own right. 


  1. "And because I am a good Gorgonmilk, I will transcribe those names momentarily..."

  2. It's possible that they may appear in the layout of UL#3.