Underworld Lore | #3 Is More Metal Than You Can Handle

Black Dougal is wearing our
latest chain bro-kini top
[-2 to AC].
(art by Joseph Cole)
So as it turns out, UNDERWORLD LORE #3 is the means to craft one serious Cimmerian campaign setting with added bits of unseriousness thrown in for good measure. James Mishler is largely to thank for the former aspect of this upcoming issue -- with both his detailed hex map of the country of Cimmeria (and surroundings) & his practical gazetteer that describes this landscape. Combine this with copious facts, myths and dark LORE about the Hyborian Age and its peoples, creatures and gods and you have practically everything you need to explore the wilds of Conan's homeland in your next campaign. Well, minus the ruleset. That's up to you.


  1. That illustration is more disturbing than the embedded video.

    So when does UL #3 drop?

  2. I want UL #3, like now! And I agree that is one hell of a disturbing image.