Wormwood | Cover Mock-Up, Both Maps

Wormwood cover mock-up (not final)
featuring art by Ferdinand Keller (1842-1922)
The Regional and Basic Reference maps are HERE.

The final big map will offer some basic topography -- I think it's important that Gavin and I have the same "mental layout" of the landscape as we do the hex descriptions.

Little maps will follow for each of the several towns, castles and ruins.

Additionally, several lairs and dungeons.



  1. beware The Kevin! ;)


    1. So I've heard, but can he trademark the word "wormwood"? That would be like me trademarking the word "oak".

    2. Looks like blogspot ate my post... Trying again...

      As I understand it: You can't trademark a general word across all uses, but you can expect to use it exclusively in a particular type of product. If I've published The Soap World Campaign Guide, Proctor & Gamble can keep on selling soap, and calling it soap. But if you then published Soap: The Reckoning, I might be able to make things difficult for you, were I so inclined -- you've muddied the water around my product by using a similar name or term, i.e. consumers might be confused and think that the products are related, or are from the same producers, etc.

    3. I would think you could easily sidestep this by calling the book's official titled "Norman and Gorgonmilk's Wormwood"
      Either that or use the imdb approach for differentiating movies with the same title and call it "Wormwood (2014)"
      But I'm also highly skeptical that anybody would be litigious enough to think a simple word is indicative of copyright infringement.

  2. This looks awesome!
    What's the timeline looking like for release?

  3. Looks cool, that art piece is a real find.

    1. Thanks, yeah note the Frazetta-like quality of the water and rocks.

  4. This image is a reference to Arnold Böcklin's Isle of the Dead Painting. Great Choice for an image.

    If Wormwood is too much trouble....perhaps: Tanglewood ? Easily Public Domain now.

    1. Thanks, Paul! How the hell are you?

      Gavin and I have been tossing around the idea of calling the place Dolmenwood or a variation thereon.