Disabuser | Psychic weapon

Psychic weapons do not originate on the material plane and may only be wielded through the use of telekinesis or telekinesis-like abilities. These objects are relics of an ancient society of outsiders whose name and origin have been lost to time. The secret to their creation is obscure. 

When inert, a weapon of this kind is effectively invisible and vibrates outside the range of tactile sensation. It will only be perceived dimly on a roll of 1-in-6 as a sort of greasy mist phenomena that could easily be mistaken for dust motes obscuring a watery eye.

Psychic weapons may be "gripped" through telekinesis and wielded like standard melee weapons. Most have a definite shape -- sword-like blades, cylinders, blocks and pincers are not uncommon. They deal magical damage and are +1, +2 or +3 vs ethereal creatures and undead. Magically resistant characters or monsters take a percentage of the total damage of each successful hit equivalent to (100) minus their resistance. Thus a demon with 60% magic resistance would take 40% from each hit delivered by a psychic weapon. 

While they are being wielded, psychic weapons give off visible light that resembles heat lightning playing across a curving arc of mist or cloud. A prepared combatant can thus perceive a weapon's movement and anticipate its assaults to some degree.

Disabuser is a psychic object shaped like a cloud of innumerable pyramidal caltrops. It is typically used to sweep the area before its wielder in brutal aerial assaults that bear a passing resemblance to the flight of a panicked flock of birds. The punishing cloud may contract to three feet in diameter or grow as wide as nine feet per the wielder's will. Any target caught in its path takes 4d6 points of magical damage and must check vs CON to avoid temporary (1d3 rounds) paralysis. Range equivalent to user's INT in feet.

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