Dragonizing the Unicorn

A few facts about unicorns...

  • All female unicorns are ideal in proportions and heartbreakingly beautiful, rarely in bad health, and of Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral alignment.
  • All male unicorns are twisted freaks -- often aborted by their mothers before they reach term. They will have random deformities, extra limbs and seeping infections and are typically of poor temperament. Intellectually they range from the bestial to the genius, but are always of Evil bent.
  • Female unicorns reproduce asexually several times during their long lifespans.
  • Male unicorns can produce viable offspring with humanoids. These half-breeds exhibit two to three distinctly unicornic physical traits but otherwise resemble their mothers.
  • Females may live for two-thousand years or more. Significant periods of maiden unicorn population die-off mark the ends of ages.
  • Males sometimes achieve immortality through demonic pacts, but often die young due to their violent lifestyles.