Dolmenwood | Grimalkin Notes

Grimalkin -- intelligent, medium-sized cats of the Wood -- rarely speak with humans (such contact is taboo) -- organized as a fierce hierarchy where positions are often contested by rivals -- at the very top is the Yurl, a shadow-creature given cat-form and flesh by Atanuwe. The Yurl’s children (there are dozens -- they are collectively called Yurl’s Get) may will themselves to become incorporeal for limited periods of time -- like Yurl they can enter the Lines at will and traverse the Otherwold while in this state. 

All grimalkin are taught an ancient word that is tainted with dark magic. It is an heirloom power, a device that only their cat-tongues can correctly pronounce. Any non-grimalkin, non-plant creatures within earshot of this incantation must save vs Spell or find themselves transmuted into green hardwood. Some (30%) of the victims of the wood-word will eventually sprout leaf-bearing twigs and slowly grow to become true trees -- always, however, retaining the consciousness of the victim. A woman who eats fruit from such a tree may become pregnant if she consumes one or more of its seeds. The resulting child will be green-skinned, willful and dangerous.


  1. I like. Definitely should be a playable race. Perhaps use the Warriors Cat Adventure Game as a guide?

    1. Whoa, a cat-themed RPG? Very Tad Williams' TAILCHASER'S SONG, eh?

      They would make an interesting non-humanoid PC option. There are a number of other demi-human types unique to the book that we could offer class-info for as well.