PETTY GODS | Back on the Radar

Gnunnug, created by Gavin Norman and illustrated by Richard LeBlanc
I am happy to report that after months of hibernation, the PG project is showing signs of life. How did we lose the way to begin with? I will take the lion's share of blame on that -- my creative habits are mercurial, which is a major weakness for somebody responsible for such a large project. I make no bones about it.

I will say though, that we are sitting on art pieces from some of the hottest artists in the OSR as well as the likes of Erol Otus. Erol is being super-patient -- he jumped onto PG very quickly and provided me with not only a deity illustration but a fully statted description to go with it. There's a reason the man is a pro!

I also have an intro by TSR deity James Ward, who I consider one of my main inspirations on PG and as a Dungeon Master in general.

When I was initially in contact with Michael Moorcock (reality still hasn't set in on this), he was in the midst of writing a new book. He has repeatedly expressed interest in the project, so I want to check in with him again to see if he has the time for us. And no, I have no idea what sort of deity he will bring to the table. My only suggestion -- as an example of the sort of thing we might dig -- was a description of Arioch at the end of Time.

Unfortunately, Gene Wolfe will not be bringing his talents to the book. I need to check in with Charles Saunders to see if he is still interested.

Several modern RPG luminaries have submitted some of their (fantastic) ideas to PG as well. There is no dearth of material here.

I want to say thanks to a (thus far) anonymous member of the OSR for offering to take on the weighty task of laying this manual out. He convinced me to stick with the initial hardback concept -- and he's right, because when it's done it will be a thing of eldritch beauty. Thanks also to everybody who is lending a hand editing, including R. J. Thompson!

Massive apologies to people if I have been extremely late (or totally ineffectual) at responding to your e-mails. I personally have never been inundated with the amount -- the vast, vast amount -- of communication that I have received in regards to this project. Huge. And overwhelming. So please do not take my failure here as a sign of any inherent doucheyness on my part. I am a total douche frequently, but my doucheosity cannot be blamed in this instance. If you want to give me another shot, I welcome hearing from you.


  1. Hooray! Let me know if you need any more creativity from New Zealand. Keep the faith!

  2. Well thank goodness! Looking foward to this on so many levels!

    And how is Underworld Lore #4? I'm almost in position to return to churning out material.

    1. It's looking robust in terms of great submissions. Where are we on Classifieds? Do we have enough to do another full section? (Totally willing to accept that you've already sent them and I'm being senile.)

    2. Thou are senile! Take what you want want from the blog if you need more. Hell, give me two weeks and I can come up with more;I'm in a hellacious place in terms of grading and report writing right now.

  3. Your douchery is forgiven. Now let's get it on with some Petty Gods!

  4. Replies
    1. We do, and I will send you and Darcy Perry some info on that tonight. Thanks!

  5. Glad to hear it. The offer to do pdf bookmarking still stands.

  6. My editing team is ready to roll.

  7. Good to hear, I am hoping to see my entry along side some of these greats!