Dolmenwood | Goat-man Generator (Rough)

Some grotty mooks from the murky depths of the Dolmenwood.

This is not the final draft -- a few changes still need to be made. Gavin and I plan to do a series -- a folio, if you will -- of monster/NPC generators like this. Moss dwarfs, drunes, grimalkin, etc. to follow.

Goat-man illo by Jim Magnusson!


  1. I love it!
    How far along is this project?

    1. I would adventure to say that the hexcrawl is something like 30 to 40% ready for layout. Neither Gavin nor I am in a real rush to get this thing out. My own creative juices flow much more fitfully than his -- the man is prolific and highly inventive! So it will appear but I cannot say when.

  2. This is so enormously cool and relevant to my interests. I love the information density and the fact that the bastards can subsist on stones and rotten wood. The lucky girl's foot made me laugh but I was dismayed to find the aterisked reference to Lord Malbleat leads nowhere. What's the deal with this Malbleat anyway?

    How big is the font in the table? That's about as small as I think is reasonable. I'm keen to cram a lot of stuff into individual pages like this but don't want to destroy usability.

    Also, it needs a more intrusive watermark ;)

    1. Thanks, Tom! It's totally Middenmurk inspired. I need to add a short explanation for Malbleat at the bottom of the doc -- he's an unusually intelligent example of goat-mankind.

      The font on the tables is 6 point -- and yeah, going smaller could be problematic.

      How many pages have you produced so far for your project? Your reskinned gobbos could easily show up in a Dolmenwood crawl.

    2. Fantastic! For my two cents, I think I used 6 point font in the tables in my Middenheim book, and it prints out a lot more readable than you think it is on screen.

  3. Revolting and chaotic broo!
    Excellent stuff... and useful.