Pricing Products -- Open Letter to OSR Publishers

Let it be known that the GGMLK fully supports the practice of switching up prices on products. I won't feel bad if I bought one of your books and then find you're selling it for $10 less a month later. I wouldn't have bought the book if I didn't feel the earlier price was fair. The point is, if I buy your work I am supporting your creative endeavors and want to fund them -- for the selfish reason that they bring me joy and palpate my imagination glands in some way. By all means, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO to make more sweet books, maps, cards, dice, whatever. I'm cool with it, man.



1 comment:

  1. How utterly refreshing. Someone who understands that someone will not engage in a financial transaction unless it benefits them.

    Profit is the sign of virtue: the virtue of providing a good or service to someone for less than it costs them to get it for themselves.