RPG History | Dungeons & Designers (book series) Kickstarter

I don't know/care who author Shannon Applecline is -- aside from a vague comprehension of his/her connection to one of those big tabletop discussion sites/fora -- but like Jon Peterson's epic Playing at the World I will quickly devour any work that sheds light on the the early history of role-playing games because my imagination secretly wants to make babies with the Original Fire that brought the early D&D campaigns into being.

There are four books covering four decades of RPG history, but you needn't buy them all if you have little/no interest in learning about what happened to dice games in, say, the 90s -- and who does, really? I opted for the two book option, for example. 


  1. Oh, you fool! Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it! ;)