Underworld Lore | The Mogricant

  • Ability Requirements: INT 9, WIS 11
  • Magic-User Class: Use the Experience, Hit Dice and saving throw advancement tables associated with the generic Magic-User class.
  • School: Transmogrification -- An offshoot of Transmutation, its magic is steeped in the laws and metaphysics of the incorporeal world. Mogricants are infatuated with transcendental meditation, Ley Lines, dreams, magic mirrors and ghosts. They traffic with spirit animals, talking (ouija) boards and occupied phylacteries, among a myriad other devices and elements of the art of subdivination[1].
  • Organization: Coteries of "brother" and "sister" mogricants sharing common goals, sometimes assembled to oversee a subdivinatory college[2] but usually found as lodges occupying a shared living quarters inside walled towns. The most renowned of these was the Lodge of the White Fly in the Town of Mymwetch before it disbanded several decades ago.
  • Symbols: The Septegram, the bulbstaff (staff equipped with a glass bulb that reacts to the presence of incorporeal beings by giving off varying colors of light -- the colors indicate the type and potency of beings in the immediate area) 
  • Peeves: Being mistaken for necromancers; sleeping outdoors.

The Mogricant is a traveler who does not like to travel. If he can manage it, he will leave his body at home and investigate the outside world through a magical conveyance called a phasm -- a sort of artificial body woven from ghost-flesh. It is not very strong, but a convincing phasm can pass for a normal person if used discretely. The mogricant can "wear" this disguise in the material world, but most often his interests lie in the examination of the incorporeal plane of ghosts and spirits, where his phasm functions just as well. 

The Black Oath
Circle of Obfuscation
Craft Phasm
Detect Vestige
Entrap Incorporeal
Power Word: Non Sequitur
Shift Locality
Sidereal Transference
Subdivine Presence
Visible Servant

[1] Subdivination: The art of culling (sometimes useless) information from the confused babble of the spirit-world though the use of talking boards. Advanced subdivination allows the practitioner to assemble servitors with distinct identities from the vaporous pool of incorporeal consciousness.
[2] Subdivinatory College: A school dedicated to the principles of subdivinatory investigation and transmogrificational practices.

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