Art | Pauline Baynes

It's no wonder that J. R. R. Tolkien admired the art of Pauline Baynes. Her pseudo-Medieval style compliments his work in a way that is -- despite the ever-growing wealth of Tolkien-related artwork out there -- rarely emulated.


  1. The first time I read LOTR it was that edition, borrowed from a friend. Very nice design, although the spine is perhaps overly yellow.

  2. She is one of my favorite artists. It is her drawings that made narnia work for me when I was a kid. I think she was more talented than both writers. They were smart enough to keep using her work though.

  3. I had a poster of her map of Middle Earth. It had inset views of various locations color-keyed to spots on the map. At the top were the Fellowship (walking away with backs turned, leaving the faces to our imaginations). Nine riders, Smeagol, and many orcs were at the bottom. I had it mounted professionally and had it for many years until my interstate move, when I gave it to a family who were way into Tolkien. Wish I still had it. I wonder if that poster is even available any more.