Dolmenwood | Artist-Collaborator Wanted

Gavin Norman of Ye Iron City and the Gorgonmilk have been busily/sporadically/vivimantically describing a place called Dolmenwood

Dolmenwood is a weird wilderness hexcrawl populated by creatures and persons drawn from the strange mossy growths scraped from our bi-continental collection of world folklore and legendry. It is a perilous place, haunted by phantoms and goaty things. Full of rustic magics and moonlit riddles. 

Currently Gavin and I have been preparing a doorway-to-Dolmenwood pdf that will introduce a series of the forest's native creatures and character types as PC classes and stat-blocked monsters. This booklet will be a prelude to the big Dolmenwood hexcrawl book but fully functional without that text -- allowing the referee to cherry pick whatever juicy bits he likes.

We're looking for an artist interested in drawing pictures of creepy woodlands and bizarre monsters, preferably in collusion with one another. These drawings will go in the "doorway" pdf that will be sold on RPGNow and/or the Lulu. We are but poor wordsmiths, so there will be no advance payment for services rendered. Any/all loot made will be divided into three parts. Send all inquiries to Gregory Gorgonmilk: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com


  1. Hey, are you guys still looking for an artist for this. I just came across this on OSR Today. Let me know chad.thorson@yahoo.com

  2. Jedimastertirian@hotmail.com if you still need an artist and would like to see my work?