OSR PDF Roundup!

As usual the OSR is flush with new supplementary and adventuring material for your Elf Game. Here are eight recent(-ish) products that have caught GGMLK's eye. I've provided links to the sites where you can obtain this stuff beneath each cover image. Most are free or PWYW.

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(48 pages) The creators of & Magazine offer up this juicy, Judges Guild-esque collection of stocked monster lairs. The fluff factor is quite light here, with the emphasis being on the cold, hard, utilitarian stuff. Meaning that it's not necessary to scrape off any barcodes to drop these right into your campaign. 
BUT WILL I USE IT? For sure. These lairs require only minimal tweaking for me to use them at the table and have that classic old school vibe that I dig. I can attach details and significant elements easily. 

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(52 pages) David Lewis Johnson, artist/creator extraordinaire, brings us a menagerie of twenty-some monster freaks that would be comfortable stalking Geoff McKinney's Isle of the Unknown. There's a weird monster rancher named Grandpappy Cromdar, too, who is possibly related to the iconic mascots of EC horror comics. Last, it comes with a fully loaded three-level zoo/dungeon. Like the best module/supplements, Whizbang Zoo! can be dissected for ideas or used piecemeal.
BUT WILL I USE IT? Absolutely. DLJ's book encapsulates the Beer n' Pretzels spirit and is a weirdo monster resource that could easily crossover with other settings at my disposal.

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(19 pages) Daniel J. Bishop continues construction of his Dungeon of Crows megadungeon with this second supplement in the series that details areas 29 thru 52. It features a full-color, hand-drawn and -numbered dungeon layer map. While there are many things to encounter here, the "creature feature" is this level's eponymous eldritch horror. There are even some helpful tips for becoming one of the tentacular monstrosity's devotees.
BUT WILL I USE IT? I would love to send the game group through this Lovecraftian deathfest. Also there are plenty of great ideas to appropriate/pilfer.

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(64 pages) This is Courtney Campbell's first blog-thology, collecting some of his most useful posts into a handy reference. You can also get it in physical format via Lulu for the low low price of $4.99 -- substantially less than his previous print offering, On the Non-Player Character. Like that booklet, the posts collected here are anything but hack and slash, this time focusing on archetypal NPCs and ways that the referee might use them (hello Ratcatcher!)
BUT WILL I USE IT? Hell yes. Courtney's stuff is always packed with ideas and insight, and some of this stuff is begging to make its way into my campaign.

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(36 pages + maps) artist/dungeoneer Logan Knight delivers unto us a nightmare cavern that can be introduced into your campaign via an innocuous random encounter. If you like your fantasy flavored dark and weird (I do!) you will no doubt be delighted by this outing. "Smells like rotting hair, sour skin, the aftertaste is cold and stale, the walls of the cavern seem to expand, your head spins." Yup.
BUT WILL I USE IT? Yes, this must happen! The art alone makes this little cavecrawl worth checking out. The cool cartography is just frosting.

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(68 pages) Rafael Chandler teams up with LotFP to produce this witchy tome that is part-adventure, part-resource. The milieu is a pseudo-historical Europe, but there's is literally nothing to prevent the referee from bringing this horror into a non-earthly campaign setting. True to Lamentations form, this book drips with creepy atmosphere and features more of that lush artwork we've come to expect. 
BUT WILL I USE IT? I will pillage its witchy secrets and fold them into the home campaign.

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 SECRETS 2: STRANGE RACES (Darkwater Press)
(28 pages) This is the second issue of Nathan Irving's new Secrets fanzine. This time around he's provided us with an array of twenty+ races culled from various OGL sources and (I'm assuming) his own imagination glands. There's some crazygood stuff here like the Leshii and the golem-like Clockworks that will be creeping into my home game. Also available in print directly from Nathan here.
BUT WILL I USE IT? Is the Anti-Pope anti-Catholic?*

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WINDS OF THE ICE FOREST (Random Order Creations)
(24 pages) This superbly designed setting book, delightfully illustrated in a slightly cartoony (but perfectly apropos) style packs a lot of content into its pages. Its boreal-themed milieu comes complete with icy monsters and their lairs. This stuff could populate a hexcrawl or be picked and pilfered as the refereee sees fit. I can't wait to see what these guys do next.
BUT WILL I USE IT? By Ymir's ice-rimed man-teats, I shall!
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And since we're on wintry topics, check out this (unrelated) Indiegogo for WINTER ETERNAL:

*No, according to Nathan Irving, who obvs knows nothing of pseudo-Medieval history.


  1. Yup! Just downloaded and digested (not literally) Courtney's compendium - well-written and presented advice.
    I have 'The Howler' from Random Order Creations - good presentation and a creative big-bad, so I'd hope that they continue to create good stuff with the Ice Forest...

  2. Thanks for the kind shout out! Indeed I do hope to keep publishing cool stuff since creating cool stuff is so much FUN!

  3. Great list, hope it is a regular feature! Picked up WHizzbang Zoo, it is great, I juts need to figure out how to work it into my current campaign or do I just steal from it? Winds of the Ice Forest also looks very cool, the artwork works for me.

  4. Dude, you post a review and don't tell me? (Wait...maybe that just means I should be reading more blogs and less Reddit...damn it!).

  5. Bought Whizbang Zoo! because I saw it here (I was looking forward to it based on a preview, but I wasn't aware that it'd been released); also posted a review of it on my blog. So, thanks for this post!