Underworld Lore | Divinations of Issue V

Proposed Contents for Issue #5
  • D20 Table of Random Highwaymen Encounters
  • D20 Table of Random Ulander* Encounters
  • D30 Table of Edible Monster Parts
  • Protocols & Procedures, ready rules references for the Referee
  • Classifieds, edited by Matthew Schmeer

Submission Guidelines for the Edible Monster Parts table are as follows:

  1. Name and identify a specific monster-derived food or beverage. Tell us where it comes from, how it's harvested and prepared.
  2. Explain any special precautions or necessary conditions that must be considered before obtaining the Monster Part(s).
  3. Identify and explain any special effects resulting from consumption of the Part(s). Provide mechanics if necessary.
  4. Identify and explain any neutral or negative side-effects. Provide the % chances that these effects may occur.
  5. If necessary, explain how long the Part takes to digest and how it might affect a creature's urine, fecal matter or spoor. Will monsters be able to detect its presence via any of these markers?
  6. Post your entry below. Choose the die result number (1-30) on the table you want your entry associated with.
*ULANDER: [yew-LAND-er] Any being originating from or dwelling permanently in the Underworld.


  1. Here ya go:

    19. Grell Ceviche:

    A dish for daring dungeon epicures...

    One (1) medium grell (workers are more readily-available, and tend to be more easily prepared, although true connoisseurs will insist on philosophers).

    Cut tentacles similar to calamari rings. Be cautious to wear heavy gauntlets during the preparation, as the tentacles will retain their paralytic qualities prior to preparation. Many an aspiring chef has been found frozen at their chopping block...

    Prepare by dousing in sufficient lime juice to cover and chill overnight. After the mixture has marinated, drain half of the lime juice and garnish with tomato, green onions, pepper, cilantro, and diced shrieker. Dwarves will spice the mixture with Belegostian mine-peppers for a bit of extra bite.

    Although some complain that the ceviche is a bit chewy, most find it to be much less tough than roper steaks or trapper filet.

    Consumption of grell ceviche will grant levitation for 4-12 turns. Although the citric acid tends to neutralize the paralyzing poisons, there is a 25% chance of numbness of the lips and mouth, causing drooling and slurring, and 10% chance of stronger paralysis, lasting 2d4 rounds (save vs. paralysis, +4). A number of daring connoisseurs have been killed or severely affected by temporary paralysis of the esophagus.

    Adding minced hippocampus from the grell's brain to the dish adds a small (5%-15%) chance of limited telepathy for 1d4 hours. Great fun (and potential embarrassment) at dungeon cocktail parties. However, any grell in the vicinity have a 66% to sense the telepathy, interpret it as a distress signal from an injured or dying colleague, and send scouts to investigate.

  2. 12. Hobgoblin Chewy Bars

    Take a piece of Hobgoblin meat and boil in a pot of Wizard’s water for four to six hours. When the meat is tender, roll the meat in a mixture of berries, oats, and wild honey and let dry in the sunlight for several hours. Cut into bite size bars and they can be stored in your backpack for immediate use or stored in a dry place for use within three days.

    Consumption of a bar will increase a character’s Constitution for 1d8 hours by +1 and Strength by +1 for 1d8 hours. Multiple bars eaten do not increase the effects.

    If a full-blooded Elf eats one there is a 50% chance they will become extremely nauseous for 2d6 hours .This will lower their Constitution by -3 and give them Disadvantage on all actions, saving throws etc. for the same amount of hours.

    P.s. -”Wizard’s Water”-any combination of items the D.M. Sees fit in their campaign.

  3. 10. Wight Tea

    Grind a wight's skull into a fine powder, and then steep it in a pot of boiling water for ten minutes. Other bones are reputed to have similar effects as the skull, but are not recommended, as they require preparation, known only to a select few.

    Drinking a cup of wight tea gives the drinker very limited dark vision, and also a 25% chance of +5 to spell resisting saves, for the next d4 minutes. However, drinking a cup of wight tea can be dangerous: if more than two cups are drunk within an hour, the recipient must make a save vs. paralysation or be reduced to a coma-like state for 1d10 hours.

  4. Here is my submission for edible monster parts:


    I rolled 1d30 and scored a 5!

    1. Ooh and it's very festive! Thanks.

    2. No problem. If you need anything else let me know!

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