BIASED REVIEW | Wizardzine #1

So some guy named Gavin Norman -- aided and abetted by the layout and design skills of one Matt Hildebrand -- has produced a gorgeous 52-page premiere issue for a new OSR fanzine aptly called WIZARDZINE. For a mere two dollars and fifty pence American, you get a whole array of magical goodies to add to your campaign. This issue's stated theme is Water, and so all the spells, books, monsters and items presented here correspond to that element. 

What's more -- fans of Norman's previous work (see link below) will be delighted to find that these magics build and expand on signature concepts like the chimerical school of Vivimancy. Indeed, we are presented with a particularly malign vivimantic sorceress by the name of Ephenedrine. One could use all of the watery hoo-doo herein to build an adventure around an encounter with Ephenedrine, or pick out bits here and there and use them willy-nilly. Spells like "Hallucinatory Island" have wide applicability to sea-voyaging exploits and draw from (pardon the pun) a deep well of folklore -- my mind immediately went to the phantom islands of Irish myth as well as the very real fata morgana and associated folk beliefs.

All in all I am delighted by this debut ish and look forward to the next installment. Wizardzine is another solid contribution to the ever-growing library of OSR zines. My only complaint is that it's not yet available in physical format! Though I suppose that could be accomplished easily enough in your typical old school D&D enthusiast's home print shop.

4/4 IOUN stones

UPDATE! Matt H says: "I just wanted to mention that the zine will be available in print shortly. I'm working on the print-res file now, and once Gavin gets back from holiday, we will be uploading the files to RPGNow."


  1. When it comes to Gavin's work, I much prefer to have the dead tree version on my shelf, too!

  2. Hail Thoth! (Merit also to the god of printers.) The print version is now on sale.