Gariah and the Fomorians

[The following is a variation on an old post from my defunct Quantique blog.]

The most wide-ranging inhabitants of _______ are the giants known as the Fomorians. These are the offspring of the Dark Mother, Gariah -- a vast (some estimates put her at about a half-mile wide), floating horror that drifts slowly over _______'s weird landscape. Silent, bloated, like a pregnant storm-cloud swathed in glistening white flesh -- Gariah surveys all that transpires in _______ from several thousand feet above with cat-like eyes that number in the thousands.

Every so often, the Dark Mother pauses to eject ball-like masses of tissue. These fall to the surface of _______ where they splatter into greyish heaps. Very gradually these amorphous lumps of meat begin to resemble humanoid beings. The arms and legs are typically the first areas to bud and refine themselves. Several rudimentary, lidless eyes will eventually congeal on or near the thing's head. The appearance of these organs heralds the giant's Awakening. It should be noted that no two of these creatures look precisely the same. Extra limbs and heads are quite common.

A child of Gariah exists only to incorporate other beings into itself. Among the Fomorii -- who rarely congregate -- size is valued above all things. For once a child reaches a certain proportion, it will be reabsorbed into the Dark Mother. The giants hold this ritual -- which they call Qug -- to be a sacred affair, the end-goal of all fleshly existence.

Fomorians are collectors. With their spools of string and needles of bone -- harvested and crafted from the guts of unfortunate yayagos* -- they seek to sew other humanoid creatures onto their bodies. This proximity will allow the Fomorian's physiology to slowly incorporate the victim into itself. Its body, its mind and its memories will become new aspects of the giant. Typically the Children of Gariah employ a mild intoxicant mist brewed from the rough grasses of Kyaat to lull their captives into a kind of half-sleep. This allows the Fomorians time to effectively sew them onto their bodies. Its an incredibly emotional experience for the giant, for his mind is flooded with a life's worth of his victim's trials and traumas during the sewing process. This is a critical component of the incorporation -- when the minds of the Fomorian and the victim mingle and become one.

It's uncertain exactly how many of these beings roam _______ at any one time. At its most massive, a Fomorian can be nearly eight-hundred feet tall, with thousands of exacting little limbs to carry out its delicate handiwork. 

*Yayago: A grotesque flightless bird-thing that roosts near collapsed cottages, fallen idols and crumbling walls.

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