What's Cookin'

  • TBA -- An adventure situation for LotFP with my Continental accomplice Gavin Norman. Something short, a silver plate bearing an assortment of appalling delights and beautiful grotesques. It will not transpire in the same world as DOLMENWOOD -- being grounded in the early Modern weird-Earth setting of other LotFP modules. I'm still going back and forth in my mind about what format/style the map will take.
  • DOLMENWOOD CHARACTER ARCHAICS -- A sourcebook of N/PC races/classes native to the DOLMENWOOD setting. With Gavin Norman, Matthew Adams (interior art) and Andrew Walter (cover art).
  • HOLMESIAN CAMPAIGN CYCLOPEDIA -- A glossary of info on Dr Holmes' home campaign(s) sourced from MAZE OF PERIL, his short stories in A&E and DRAGON and his non-fic work FANTASY ROLE PLAYING GAMES. It's going to be a free PDF and a low-priced POD offering. I'd like to do it in hardcover possibly. 
  • TBA -- A book of magic (possibly) with the author of the Chthonic Codex, Paolo Greco.

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