Vancian Magic Supplement (PDF) | Now with Bookmarks (& still FREE)

Because you all demanded it repeatedly and desperately, Raven Crowking has taken time out of his busy schedule ruling over all of Corvidae to augment the VMS with bookmarks.

What is the Vancian Magic Supplement?
  • A completely non-commercial, unauthorized collection of articles by Gary Gygax culled from various sources that explain how Vancian Magic works and its context in the D&D milieu.
  • A pair of stories by the late Jack Vance that demonstrate the structure of magic within the Dying Earth cycle. With totally superfluous footnotes by Gorgonmilk.
  • A complete set of spells in the Vancian mode by Shadrac MQ that can be used to supplant the standard array found in D&D and related clone-games.
  • A great piece of uncredited art by B. Portly hidden way in the back.