Dolmenwood | Tuffet Skulker


No. Appearing: 1d3
3+1 HD | AAC 13 | Attack: (a) fang-stab-slice 1d8+1; (b) caustic webspray 1d3 ea. rnd for 1d6 rnds 

A large (3 ft. wide) carnivorous arachnid often mistaken for a true spider. The Skulker throws caustic web from syringe-like vessels within its diminutive fore-fangs up to a range of 20 ft. Its lower fangs are tusk-like and operated by fully articulate mandibles which it uses to maim and devour prey like a pair of razor-sharp arms. It is known to lurk just outside rural villages in the hopes of sneaking up on unsuspecting maidens. (Illos by GGMLK)

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