Expanded Petty Gods is now available 
via RPGNow and Lulu 

At a monolithic near-400 pages, this community project is the largest collection of divine beings ever assembled. Featuring the talents of 

  • Jennell Jaquays, a TSR veteran who wrote and illustrated one of PG's main sources of inspiration, The Unknown Gods (Judges Guild, 1980). 
  • James Ward, another long-time TSR creator who wrote the other big PG influence, 1st Edition's Deities and Demigods (TSR, 1980).
  • Erol Otus, a leading light among TSR's early stable of illustrators, his fingerprints are all over 1st Edition AD&D.
  • & SO MANY OTHERS from within and without the OSR!

Links and pricing via Richard LeBlanc, PG's editor-in-chief and a major contributor to this work:

Petty Gods: Revised & Expanded Edition (Casewrap Hardback) $22.47 (USD at cost)

Petty Gods: Revised & Expanded Edition (Premium Softcover) $13.22 (USD at cost)

Petty Gods: Revised & Expanded Edition (PDF: no watermark) FREE

[Note that the RPGNow page will say "Watermarked PDF" on the page for the item, but when it downloads, there will be no watermark.]

Look, I've studied this thing for hours and my mind still has not wrapped around the QUANTITY of material herein. As the first release under the ORC royalty-fee/community imprint, PG is a monument to the collective creativity of the Old School community.

In addition to the deities themselves, PG hosts an array of divine minions, cults, artifacts and spells. It's CHOCK full of sweet illustrations that illuminate the weird descriptions too! Just loooook at this:

Richard has done a marvelous job designing this book, and we are lucky to have him. In case you're in need of some weird new monsters on a more, shall we say, earthly scale, you should by all means look into his new CREATURE COMPENDIUM. My mini-review:

2015 is apparently the Year of the Bestiaries. Was sitting in the hospital again today as glorified babysitter and spent much of my time reading Richard LeBlanc's Creature Compendium. Hot damn! There is such a fine array of weirdos to choose from in here -- itself a monumental achievement. Historically, I've gotten excited for and been let down by monstro manuals. They look all sexy, but then you get them home and climb into the sack with 'em and they're totally limp fish. (D20 ERA I AM LOOKING AT YOU.) To Richard's credit, the monster entries he's singlehandedly assembled here are quite usable. From underworld "dragons" like the Thuzzendahg and Carriage Worm, to gross globsters like the Izzoo (that's going in the next pit trap) and the Stinking Pile -- there's so much WIN here. Also, give the man kudos for including some Fortean types like the Mothman and Dover Demon and Crimson Death Worm -- seeing them made me quite happy. Once again, NBD brings the attractive and utilitarian layout that I have come to expect -- nay! -- demand from them. And OH HEY, Richard also did every single illo in this book, probably with one hand while he used the other to do PETTY GODS. Don't ask me what limb he's using for the upcoming psionics book. 
Essential stuff.


  1. Great news. And kudos to you too, for casting raise dead on the Petty Gods project a while back.

  2. Excellent!
    Thanks for your work on this too.

  3. Thank you for letting me contribute art to this project. I'm browsing through the PDF and I think the book is fantastic. Going to have to get the hardcover!

  4. The books is great. I grabbed the pdf and ordering a hard back copy tomorrow. I loved seeing my entry in there. Thank you again for the opportunity!

  5. Great news. Glad to see this thing make it out into the world. There's a ton of cool stuff in there!

  6. Thanks and blessings for the opportunity to be a part of creating this mighty tome. I have ordered the hardcover. Long live ORC!

  7. THANK YOU DUDES for adding your great skills and content to the PG mix!

  8. Any anecdotes from actual in-game use?

    1. Nothing that I've seen yet, but that's not surprising. PG is essentially a monster manual. There's no scripted way to use any of its contents. Lots of reviews out there though.