Painted this tonight in Shotophop. Been thinking about a module set at the edge of the world -- a la Dunsany and Manly Wade Wellman.

UR-THRYM is named for the range of mountains that teeter at the eastern edge of the World -- which as we all know is a big flat rock suspended in the Void. The region is nominally a holding of the self-styled Warden of the Eastern Edge, a petty godling named Byatis Snakebeard, hight for the coiling nest of green serpents that sprout from his chin and neck. The translucent throne of King Byatis is found in an ancient port-town called Exartes-the-Lesser. It is the only port-o-call for many thousands of miles.

Night-gaunts dwell in the caves that pock the sides of the world and are known to drop victims into the Gulf of Night.

Gargantuan green spiders called gholocks are used as mounts to journey to the mines of an extinct race that built nameless cities on the bottom of the world.

The world is crumbling. Most of its cleavings fall into the Void forever, but some "islands" of earth remain mysteriously buoyant. Such places are reached through the use of magical galleys or -- if near enough -- rope bridges. Best known among them is the floating city of Pnoptis -- a holy city known for its curious temples. No men dwell there anymore, having abandoned the city long ago when it split with the World. The place is difficult to find, concealed by a massive belt of mist and sulfur nicknamed the Giant's Fart.

Prospectors range the mountains and primeval forests in search of rare and strange minerals.

Weird things scuttle across the Edge that are not seen at the heart of the World.


  1. Looks like what you'd see just as your entering a black hole or some other dimensional gateway.

    1. The ground falling away, revealing an endless void spattered with dim stars.