Ye Cacodoxia Nigromantia


Cacodoxy: Perverse teachings
Nigromancy: Black magic; demonic magic

Concept: A compendium of demonic servants and patrons; an alternative to D&D's standard demonologies described in AD&D's Monster Manuals I and II; new Hells; Tsojcanthian summoning/banishing rules and spell descriptions; random summoning/encounter charts.


The Eight Towers of Agony loom equidistant from one another over the cavernous decrepitudes of the Grey Hell that most men call Qlune and learned sorcerers know as Yhddon-Thex.

Each Tower is the possession of a blooded Monarch and his/her offspring, and houses many cataphracts and thralls, and various infestations of demonic vermin. 

Cataphracts are a warrior caste bred from remnants of an Elder Race that once ruled over ancient Qlune. Various cataphract houses serve a particular Tower and its master. Cataphracts resemble wingless night-gaunts, jet black from head to toe and having no facial features aside from  a pair of black horns. They often wear ornate armor and nimbly wield two-handed swords forged from scaly Qlunic ore.

Thralls are slaves who have been robbed of their will, being bound by powerful demonic geases and enchantments that threaten the extinction of their spirit should they try to break them. They hate their masters but are powerless to act against them.

The First Tower is the abode of Lord Xhaunticleer, a cockerel-headed despot who possesses the largest host of contracted dead in Qlune. He fashions concubines out of ghost-flesh and is usually honored with the sacrifice of a mortal woman-child or matron. He has written an untold number of magical texts. Some have escaped into the worlds of mortals, through theft or malfeasance or as part of some arrangement with Xhaunticleer or one of his blood-relatives. All of these texts are accursed but contain much wisdom.

[This is the demon who appears on the cover of the book]   

The Second Tower is the possession of Pzarzael, who appears as a corpulent white maggot with the head and neck of an eyeless snow-haired woman. Rivulets of black blood still drip slowly from the blood-brown holes in her face, as if her eyes were plucked just days ago. Pzarzael has many plump and asymmetrical breasts on the underside of her worm-body. A pair of long arms ending in long-fingered hands project from beneath her beautiful neck. There are many amber rings on Pzarzael's fingers -- each contains a single potent spell (7th or 8th level) that can sometimes be seen swimming about inside its amber prison like a phosphorescent fish.

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