What if the OSR had a quarterly anthology of cool bits from the community in a nice 8x10 softcover phonebook format?

Contributors would give the GORGON permission to reproduce their stuff. While I will happily layout some material for inclusion, the intention would be for YOU to layout your own stuff in 8.5x11 (.5" margins!) with all fonts embedded. This will cut down the time of production considerably and give GORGON a kind of punk look, with no continuity of style from article to article.

GORGON would be sold at-cost as a POD item from Lulu. So about 2,000 coppers (~$20) including shipping and handling.

I will take pains to not include any illustrations or artwork that is not from contributors or in the public domain. There is no shame in GORGON's game.

LINK: Gorgon Quarterly G+ community


1. By submitting your stuff to GORGON, you give us permission to publish it in perpetuity on a not-for-profit basis.

2. In other words, I WON'T MAKE A RED COPPER ON YOUR WORK. GORGON pdfs are free to download, and GORGON print products will be sold strictly at-cost on Lulu.

3. All submissions should be in PDF format. Dimensions 8.5" x 11" (.5 inch margins!)  with all fonts embedded. Greyscale/b&w. REMEMBER: The way you lay it out is the way it's going to look in GORGON. More info on embedding fonts: http://tinyurl.com/k98286f

4. Submit stuff to the GORGON QUARTERLY Google drive here: http://tinyurl.com/pdv7oag

5. Make sure you have the rights to any illustrations you use in your submission. Whether you're an illustrator or an author, you retain the rights to your work, and you can use that work anywhere you like, regardless of its appearance in GORGON. Likewise, you can use work that you previously published elsewhere as long as you have the rights to do so.

6. There are NO LIMITS on the page-counts of your submissions, and NO LIMIT to the number of items you submit. That said, there's no guarantee that everything you submit will appear in GORGON right away or in the same issue. I will try to be flexible to your creative intentions, however.

7. There are no rules governing the TYPES of things you choose to submit. If it's something that would appear in an OSR blog post and it's good enough for the dead tree treatment, then it's allowed. If possible, I will attempt to keep the contents of a single issue loosely related thematically, or organized into a set of loosely related themes.

8. OGL: If you want to include an OGL license with your submission, please make it a separate PDF document that CLEARLY INDICATES what work(s) it addresses. If you have no interest in writing up and including something like this, you'll be covered anyway by a general purpose Creative Commons license that will appear on the last page of each issue.


  1. Very cool idea. One suggestion: Don't make it a quarterly. Make it a "published every time we have 666 pages of publishable material".

    1. I didn't say which quarters we'd be observing! But yeah, forcing it too hard might yield dodgy results. Let's call "Quarterly" an optimistic statement about the series.

  2. Outstanding! The first issue cover is amazing.

    1. Thanks, AV. Would love to have you contribute! Your blog is the meat-n-taters of what GORGON is about.

  3. Quarterly = once every century? ;)

  4. What program do you use to create the pdf?

    1. Just noticed this comment, Patrick. Sorry for the delay. I just switched over to Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.

  5. Replies
    1. Great, Denis! Contact me:
      flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

  6. Done. I think you may have seen some of my work on google+, if not, check my albums.