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The Idea

Trollnuts of Unwisdom is a book-within-a-book that will be a part of GORGON #666 and also available as a separate, arted-up tome. Trollnuts are the opposite of "Pearls of Wisdom" -- they are more often than not designed to mislead adventurers and possibly lure them into traps. The book would contain a variety of rumor tables for different situations. (We leave it up to the referee to decide what degree of truth, if any, these rumors contain.) While the book will be intended for use with any pseudo-medieval campaign setting, I would encourage you all to invent new fictitious kingdoms, realms, townships and hovels willy-nilly, and I'll bake them all into a single campaign map. Cross-referencing other people's inventions as we go is absolutely encouraged.


Ten Lies Concerning the Location of the Sacred Grove

1) It is hidden in a cave beneath the roots of Blacknife, a crooked mountain far to the north-west. Gold flows like honey there, and the local dryads are eager for men's seed. [gg]

2) It lies just beyond the next hill. You will know you have reached the place because it is a copse of cinnamon trees -- their musk fills the air. A lone maiden attends to the shrine -- you will see her light from the road. She will accept a gift. Do not touch her. [gg]

3) It burned down long ago, but seeds from the trees were saved and the forest replanted in a different location. The grove retains the memories of its ancestral home and several trees long to return there. [Matthew Schmeer]

4) Near the scrim of the sea on the southern shore, the grove is hidden within the bowl of a sea cave. The trees need no light to grow but devour fish each night with mouths full of razor-sharp teeth in their roots. A sea god sometimes sleeps beneath their boughs. Do not disturb his rest. [Matthew Schmeer]

5) On an island in a lake of red waters grows a grove of bambaga trees, each tree three times as tall as a hill giant. The grove is protected by a spiderlion which spins webs of acidic silk. The fruit of the bambaga tree heals all sadness. [Matthew Schmeer]

6) Far into the desert, a copse of trees springs from the brackish waters of a dying oasis. Remove the curse and the oasis will recover. The trees will thank you with riches from beneath the sands. [Matthew Schmeer]

7) In a high mountain vale a stand of 7 trees is surrounded by 7 stones, each stone inscribed with 7 runes. If the correct 7 runes are touched in the correct order 7 times, a jeweled bird will alight in a nest on a branch of the 7th tree and lay 7 jeweled eggs. The bird will then depart. If the 7 eggs are kept warm for 7 days, they will hatch. Inside each egg is a seed which, when planted in a protected vale, sprouts an identical grove. [Matthew Schmeer]

8) Within the dark wood is a large clearing; in the middle of the clearing a clump of rowan trees entwine, their branches hopelessly engnarled. No magic works there. Buried beneath the roots of one of the trees is a golden axe. Remove it at your peril. [Matthew Schmeer]

9) The grove is to be found on the Plateau of Frozen Dreams, where the Snow Maiden slumbers. It is foretold that one day a brave soul's kiss shall awaken the sleeping beauty and lift the curse. No one has succeeded so far, and many lovesick souls wander among the timeless trees, sad and unfortunate. [Sándor Gebei]

10) In an underground paradise, created by the archmage Inscrupulous Testamen [sic]. The wizard, seeing how the overland world was unforgiving and intolerant, decided to conjure the elements to build his very own world, a haven for great minds, he thought. Since then, many misunderstood artists and philosophers have fled to his sanctuary, finding peace and harmony under the artificial sun. [Sándor Gebei]

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