Underworld Lore | Courts of Chaos

Some Denizens of the Courts of Chaos

The Fane: Nyarlathotep (in his gross tentacle-head manifestation), Demogorgon, Melkor, those bad guys from Howard the Duck.

Ă–thengeline: The Jale God (in his primal aspect), the Phantom Clown-King, Jelly-Belly.

House of Asterion (AKA Labyrinth of Minos): Asterion the Mad Minotaur, those gross giants from Fraggle Rock, Jareth of the Codpiece.

Tartarus: Moloch, Baal, Surtur, and other god-inmates of the Divine Panopticon.

Decrepitude of Xin: Lloth, Hlo-Hlo, and other spider-gods.

Halls of the Hypersangreal: Guardians of the Chalice that contains the blood of the ur-dragon, Tiamat: Uroborialis, Yululun, Nug, Yeb.

Tor of the Horned King: Arawn, Ankou, Cernunnos.

Stheno's Metadungeon: Stheno the Gorgoness, Evil-Lynn from Masters of the Universe, undead Amazons.

Court of Azathoth: The Mad Idiot-God; His Pipers

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